Brunch Weddings at The Vintage Rose!

Why we love morning weddings!! 

Morning weddings are whimsical and half the price!   Two very important reasons why you should consider it!!

We welcome your guests with a donuts bar, coffee & morning drinks such as bottomless champagne, mimosas & bloody Marys to set the tone with a lovely welcome, followed by ceremony, cocktail & appetizers, two course plated brunch or lunch menu and hours of dancing or games.

The dress code for a morning wedding is inherently more casual.   A safe choice for clothes would be a a more relaxed dress, slacks & a shirt, lighter color suits, although the guest dress code really depends on your preference.

Five reasons why you should consider a morning wedding!

    1. Morning weddings are a more budget friendly option.   You will save $$$ by having a brunch wedding.
    2. Morning weddings are fun and magical, totally different and outside the box!   There will be less time to stress, and more time to drink Champs!
    3. Your photos will be amazing with natural light!
    4. Think afterparty!!! Enjoy the magic of your wedding day with loved ones or  make your way the airport and get an early start on the honeymoon!
    5. Your guests will remember eating chicken & waffles, a wonderful salad & quiche or a lovely afternoon lunch.   They will also have the rest of the day to themselves!

Our all-inclusive wedding packages are listed above.   If you would like additional information please drop us a note!