Master DJ Larry

Larry Barnett

Larry is our in-house DJ and manages all in-house and outside talent performing at our venue. Upon booking Larry (or assigned DJ) will reach out to you to schedule an introduction meeting.  Included in that initial contact will be your Music Planner, suggested music lists for events, and Top 15 must play list. 

About a month prior to your wedding, Larry, or your assigned DJ will, conduct a detail music meeting to go over order of events and your music choices. The goal is to have you, your coordinator, and your DJ all on the same page.  Meetings can be conducted in-person or virtually for your convenience.

At The Vintage Rose & La Petite Rose, we realize that that DJing is a people art and music is one of many tools I use to influence a room. Because of my experience I am adept at reading a room and adjusting my style to the crowd in front of me, successfully.

Musically, I draw upon this same experience and can play almost an unlimited array of music tastes. I can play Top 40, Country, EDM, Trap, ‘90s Hip Hop, Current Hip Hop, K-Pop, J-Pop, MandaPop, Classic R&B, ‘90s R&B, Classic Rock, Jazz, ‘80s Classics, Classic Alternative, Indie, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Mariachi, Rock En Español, Banda, Reggaeton, Tamborazo, Arabic, Chutney, Bollywood, Punjabi, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Disco, ‘90s Club, Hi-NRG Disco, Freestyle, Hawaiian, Art Laboe Oldies, ‘60s, ‘70s, Punk, Heavy Metal, Funk, ‘90s Grunge, Roots and Contemporary Reggae, Soca, and many more styles that I have dabbled in over the years.

As a DJ in a multi-cultural area like Southern California, I NEED to be able to play to a world demographic. I pride myself in using my art to build bridges musically, it is my specialty.

If you want a DJ with experience, extensive music knowledge, attention to detail, is genuine, and can execute a perfect event, I am your DJ.

Should you need a presentation on the BIG DAY, I can assist with PowerPoint and are well experience with Audio Visual & Lighting needs for an event.

Ceremony Planner: This will assist you in detailing music for your ceremony, all the way from seating music to exit song. There are recommendations for each part of thi ceremony but more and more couples are putting their own unique stamp on the ceremony and choosing something unique to them.

Reception Questionnaire: This sheet asks important questions like how you want to be announced a couple, your wedding party line up, and parents names. There is a DO NOT PLAY section that you have the option to fill out.

Reception Planner: The reception planner has all of the normal events of a wedding reception. This document represents the typical order of events recommended by our your Rose Wade Events coordinator. However, you and your assigned coordinator will ultimately determine the final order of events. So this document is best viewed as a place to document your music choices for all your important events.

The Top 15: This, to me, is the most important music sheet. It is my window into your music tastes. Simply list 15 songs you absolutely want to hear at your wedding.



I look forward to meeting you soon!  In the mean time, please feel free to email me should you have any questions!